Grounded by Reality is about to fly

Grounded by Reality was shot in 5 days as part of the 2010 International Documentary Challenge.  We originally approached Jessica intending to focus primarily on her artwork but after our first interview we realized that Jessica’s life and art are deeply connected. Jessica challenges people to really look at her—she decorates her body with tattoos and draws self-portraits with unflinching honesty. We wanted to give the audience access to Jessica’s daily physical challenges so you can see how much determination and drive  Jessica has as a person and an artist.  Jessica says she doesn’t want to be an inspiration but wants to show people that if she can be who she wants to be with all of her physical limitations—there are no excuses not to try whatever it is you dream of.

Grounded made the finals of the Doc Challenge and we are launching the 7 minute version of the film in Toronto at the Hot Docs Film Festival the first weekend of May.  Even more exciting is that thanks to Kickstarter and our very generous supporters Jessica will be taking her first flight and her first trip out of the south to attend the festival with us.  Hopefully this is just the beginning of our journey together.


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