Help Jess win a Van

Grounded by Reality has continued to make the festival rounds and we are so excited to be included in this years Indie Grits Film Festival in Columbia, SC.  A great little festival focused on Southern Stories.  Jessica planned to make the trip with Phoebe but at the 11th hour found out that her caregiver who was going to drive a rented van need a $50,000 coverage policy to make the trip.

So she was stuck in Atlanta.  You can only rent a ramped van from special dealers — not your average car rental company and it is both expensive and limited.  Jessica has been working as an adjunct professor at Georgia Perimeter College and her current schedule requires her to get ready at 4am to get on the bus that takes nearly 2 hours to make a 20 minute trip.    Having her own van would really make a difference…

So she is trying to win a van and you can help!!  Here’s the link.  You can vote daily.

Hopefully we can patch Jessica in via Skype for some audience Q&A at the fest but we are so sad she couldn’t make it.


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